Modern Thai Bar & Grill

About Us

Bo Tai, a Modern Thai Bar & Grill concept is a perfect blend of cosmopolitan Italian design with the vibrance of Thai hues. A smart casual vibe clubbed with a serendipitous coziness, Bo-Tai is designed for the young and socially smart champagne set. A smart, spunky verbal ‘Pun Bow-Tie’ that represents both the style and flavor of oriental cuisine. It is a concept set against international decor, which is contemporary Thai and Italian. ‘Tai’, is imperfect insinuation of the food philosophy.



Curated by experts, the menu is a medley of Thai & European cuisine. Offering a gastronomic voyage, using the finest ingredients from Thailand and across the world. The bar conceptualized by an international team of superstar bartenders from London, offers a signature cocktail menu which is unlike anything Delhi has seen before. With a selection of long, refreshing aperitifs to stiffer tipples, our signature drinks are created with traditional Thai ingredients intuitively twisted with modern techniques


BO-TAI is a magnificence of cuisine and design innovation. The vision is to offer a culinary treat to the palate through gastronomic innovations. Curated by experts, the menu is a medley of Thai & European cuisine. The concept is set against stylish international décor. BO-TAI aims to present culinary art with the choicest ingredients in the most intriguing and whimsical flavors.

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Monday - Sunday

12:30 PM to 3:30 PM and 6:30 PM to 12:30 AM

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